She Wins € 400,000 With A Stake Of € 0.60

Today we are going to share with you a nice little story which dates back a few days and which allows a happy French player to start the year well. Indeed, she bet € 0.60 in the casino and on a slot machine and then wins more than € 400,000. A story that is reminiscent, a few days earlier, of another player who bet on to her 1 centime in the same casino and who left with 12,000 euros or this case of December 2017 where another woman won two sums of 40,000 euros … with only a bet of 2 euros. Three winners who are women who have each seen their destiny change with a very small stake and to whom we will now come back.

€ 400,000 For € 0.60 In Stakes

Definitely, women are very lucky on the slot machines offered in land-based casinos. We are going to reveal to you some pretty stories that touch our French neighbors and that make us want to believe in our turn in our lucky star.

It is Wednesday February 28 and a lady from Belfort in the north-east of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, who wanted to celebrate her retirement as it should be at the casino, quite simply left with more than € 400,000. ! Pascale, 58, went to the JOA Casino in Luxeuil, in Haute-Saône. There, she chooses a Triple Double type slot machine and then bets € 0.60. And that’s the surprise, because the new retiree wins the historic jackpot of € 401,912.87. What a good start to his new life. Announced in a press release as being here the biggest jackpot of the last ten years for the JOA Casino of Luxeuil, the director Jean-Marie Grosse celebrated the event with Pascale around a good bottle of champagne and in front of the photo flashes of the local press. The casino announces and recalls then that the last jackpot distributed on this same slot machine dated from 10 years ago; that it had been won in January 2008, and that it amounted to € 111,000. “.

€ 12,000 For 1 Euro Cent Stake

Even more spectacular than this previous event, and still at the JOA casino in Luxeuil, another player bets 1 cent at the casino and leaves with 12,000 euros. Indeed, after having wagered only a very small penny, a player won nearly 12,000 euros on a slot machine at this casino in Haute-Saône on Friday February 23, less than a week before the previous big jackpot that we have just revealed to you. The payout ratio is huge and so we can really say that is what we call getting lucky.

It is therefore a woman, who is far from being a big regular at the casino, who won 11,950 euros after having bet only a cent on the slot machine. This happy story has indeed taken place once again in the casino of Luxeuil-les-Bains, in Haute-Saône and the press service of the casino, located in Lyon, is delighted with the event by announcing at this precise moment of the gain: “This jackpot is one of the three biggest jackpots distributed since the start of 2018 by the Casino Joa de Luxeuil. “.

If you also want to try your luck in this casino and on the machine on which the lucky winner won nearly 12,000 euros, you should know that she won this gain on a lightning type slot, as reported so well by the Ouest France newspaper which explains: “This is a device with which players can place low bets. The reels that spin and show the symbols are not real, but virtual and displayed on a screen. “. We can therefore certainly say here that the lucky winner achieved an incredible and above all a real master stroke by pocketing 1.2 million times her initial bet. Which is reminiscent of a third story that took place a few months ago, at the end of 2017, at the JOA casino (still him), but in Canet.

€ 80,000 For 2 Euros In Stakes

The affair caused a stir for the end of 2017. Indeed, we remember this lovely story of this player who won € 80,000 at the JOA casino in Canet. You should know that luck always turns for punters in the world of gambling and each week then sees some followers become very rich in their turn, thanks to the various games of casinos and as you have read so far . This is happening all over the world, but it would seem that this chance was envied to fall particularly among the French at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

These incredible events are happening in multiple casinos, whether on their premises or on their virtual sites. The third common event that we are now going to tell you about took place a few weeks ago in the Joa land-based casino, a casino in Canet. We then find a follower of slot machines who wins a fairly substantial sum, naturally playing video poker. An event which took place on the night of December 2 and 3, 2017 and which saw the player manage to win on her game two sums of 40,000 euros with only a bet of 2 euros and all this … in less than two hours .

Because of her security, she wished to remain anonymous after leaving with a nice sum of 80,000 euros. Here she is, like the other two winners that we have just seen, sheltered from financial problems for a long time. Lucky women who have certainly started this year 2018 with a smile on their face. And for the little info, know that if you are in the surroundings of Canet-en-Roussillon, that the Joa casino and its slot machines await you with open arms; especially since Mega Buck’s big jackpot has yet to be hit. A slot priced at well over a quarter of a million at the moment.